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Welcome to DragonFlyInstaller.com

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We have a certified installation team in every major U.S City (and surrounding areas) ready to create your home theatre system. From just a basic TV or DLP setup to mounting your Plasma or LCD above your fireplace with state of the art surround sound, we'll be there to help. You've invested a lot in your new Home Theatre, you should leave the TV installation to the professionals. See for yourself that our prices are the lowest! We invite you to compare our prices with our competitors. Check out our coverage area! We pride ourselves in NEVER turning down an install due to location. We offer professional TV and Home Theater installation services within 75 miles of every major U.S city. Should you require our service outside this area please don't hesitate to call and we will make every effort to find a competent installer for you.


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Home Theater: Top 3 Reason's to Hire a TV Installation Professional


Reason # 1: Planning your Home Theater system. 

As with all purchasing decisions, integrating your newly purchased technologies into your existing home theater system should be a calculated and researched process. For example, suppose you have an existing Broadband DSL modem that supplies your internet connection, and you are looking to upgrade your system to include wireless internet access. You may not know that your existing Broadband modem can be replaced with a wireless modem/router combo instead of adding an additional wireless router device. Additionally, adding a separate wireless router device to your existing modem may actually bottleneck your internet speed, because older modems do not have the ability to match the frequency output of newer routers. It is for situations just like these that you should consult a home theater and TV Installation professional, not only can they assist you with product integration, but purchasing as well.

Reason #2:  Product Selection

You may think that utilizing a TV Installation and Home Theater professional to assist in product selection and purchasing is obsolete when we have the internet to do all of our research. As certainly helpful as it is, online research does not cater to you specific technology needs, neither does it assist in existing home theater system compatibility. A technology professional can help identify your precise needs and determine which products will best suit those needs. Professionals can also provide additional premium services including, purchasing, delivery, and home theater installation.

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